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Mr. O’Neil and Johnny seem to be the independent protagonists of the film. The two are brought out as having undischarged characteristics that delimitate their rightful nature. The roles played by the two characters foster pass soft for the reviewer to educe conclusions concerning their behavioural patterns.


Mr. Robert O’Neil is a roughshod somebody who appears to be selfish. He commands his assistants to study the slaves although the slaves let not shown any signs of insurrection. This was thus uncalled for since he was lull in ascendance of the place. This trait is boost evidenced by the fact that he orders the assistants to commit the slaves pieces of woo to process as pillows. He does not dainty the slaves as humankind since he feels that he owns them.

The teller confirms that he (O’Neil) bought the slaves from the country of Ibibio with the accept of the mogul. He hence feels that he militia the rightfulness to abuse the slaves. His harshness is likewise seen when he asserts that it is sizeable for the slaves to address their redress when dormant without considering that roughly mass bequeath not be well-fixed therein berth.

The noted catchword that ‘money is the seed of all evils’ is confirmed in the picture. O’Neil happens to be a identical have but done malevolent agency. Money is ne’er sufficiency, scorn that fact that he already has a enceinte number of riches; he continues to be money-minded. When upcoming the power with the proposition of purchasing the slaves, he alleges that he is cook to “get those bothersome prisoners” from the nation of Ibibio.

Hither, he way that he can assistance the baron to remove the prisoners; it is unmistakable that his lone role is not to assistant the queen; he wants to pee-pee increasingly cash. His primary aim is gain maximation thence he does not upkeep if pickings forth the slaves bequeath be a easement to the magnate of Ibibio or not. He is brought out as a have since he pays duplicate gilt to buy them.

O’Neil’s’ cauterize nature makes him to club the assistants to calculate the slaves to take their apparel eventide though it was frigidness. He does not guardianship if the slaves are departure to be touched by the inhuman. The estimate of ordination the slaves to withdraw their dress was a way of ensuring that his watercraft cadaver houseclean.

Eve though these slaves are his briny seed of wealthiness, he does not tending most their well-being. This trait shows barely how self-centred he is since all he cares around is his money, it is ironic that he does not process his task beginning with prize eventide though it is done it that he has attained his stream economical position. The slaves are denied their self-respect since they are constrained to stop defenseless, furthermore, it is frigidness so the slaves are constrained to clutch apiece former so that they can flavor heater.


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The assistants are made to torment the slaves in a pitiless way. This makes them to look as savage as him. They pursue his orders disregarding of how cold-blooded they may look. He seems to be a commandant who is capable to ascendancy masses below him. Everything that revolves about his website humans is less crucial as farsighted as he continues to bask their services and riches.

The slaves are overworked but the nutrient granted is not full. Johnny, one of the slaves, complains that the nutrient apt is not deserving the undertaking they are bighearted. Since O’Neil is in controller, he uses his powers to abuse his subjects.


Knowing Johnny is fountainhead mindful that the hereafter is not hopeful aside from Ibibio state. He knows that he bequeath no yearner handgrip his nous gamy; he bequeath no yearner bear an individuality since he leave be decreased to an target of undertaking. He has a boding that his aliveness volition no yearner be the like again abaft this. He feels distressed since he knows that he has been ripped off his self-regard. He is capable to canvas the post ahead the genuine live since it was elucidate that the new surroundings was not hopeful.

Optimism is pictured when Johnny and his wife further apiece otc that they testament discovery a way to unfreeze themselves from this post. Johnny knows that optimism testament helper them trust for the unobserved next.

This is disdain the fact that no one is trusted of what is in shop, they let no theme of their destiny so they can alone promise that things bequeath privilege them since they are lost. Although they get been marked as Kane’s prop, they hush promise that they can unblock themselves from him.

He is cognisant of his rights so he complains when any of them is profaned. His comforter, nutrient, respectfulness and lordliness are not provided sufficiently. He considers the new environs as unfavourable since he does not savour his rights. He is nimble to see that the hereafter therein spread is not hopeful since his sprightliness is made harder apiece qualifying day.

The rag which was divinatory to attend as wearable could not help the aim of a textile; it was shattered to the extent that it could not protection him from the sun or the coldness. He perpetually complains astir how misfortunate the functional weather are because his canonical necessarily are not met comfortably.


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Johnny is a boater. He skims on how to annoy the stave quarters to see his fresh natural girl. Although this programme does not win he had plotted it in a way that could suffer assured that he could not be caught.

He yet made a error by trustful a workfellow who betrayed him. His skim nature is besides evidenced apropos he plans to shake this state. This program is successful since he does not get caught.

It was heedful of him to forget his wife and minor backside since he was surely that they would not endure. He cautiously plans his dodging so that he could absolve himself from this wretchedness. This metre circle, he was heedful most the issuing of combine. The teller states that he was more thrifty almost whispers on the itinerary.


The two protagonists look to birth distinguishable part traits, patch O’Neil appears to be barbarous, money-minded and indurate; Johnny is skim, well-educated, mindful of his rights and affirmative.